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Last update: 8 May 2019

This Global Data Privacy Policy (“Global Privacy Policy” or this “Policy”) represents the minimum standards that the Revevol Group and its affiliates, including Revevol France SAS, Revevol Italy SRL, Revevol North America Corporation, Altirnao Inc (including its affiliates Altirnao France and Altirnao UK) and Awesome Gapps SARL (“Revevol ”, “we”, “our”) have set with respect to data privacy, for ensuring that we collect, use, retain and disclose Personal Data in a fair, transparent and secure way.

This Policy aligns with (and in some cases exceeds) the main requirements of applicable laws and regulations. It is also aligned with other specific policies of Revevol relating to the collection and use of information of Personal Data implemented by each entity of the Revevol Group to cover the specific Personal Data processing purposes needed for the day to day activity (e.g. cookies policy, specific local policies such as employees privacy policies specific information notices for customers, etc.). This Policy acknowledges that certain Revevol affiliates are located in countries with varying legal and cultural approaches to privacy and data protection. This Global Privacy Policy may thus be supplemented by other policies and procedures in certain geographic regions as may be appropriate to comply with applicable laws and meet cultural norms.

In the event of a conflict between this Global Privacy Policy and the local applicable privacy policies and/or applicable local law as relevant, or inapplicability of the provisions of this Global Privacy Policy, the local applicable policy and local law should prevail.

Some useful definitions are provided in section 2 of this Global Privacy Policy for your ease of reference.



How do we ensure the lawfulness, fairness and transparency of your Personal Data ?

Personal Data is processed on the basis of legal grounds with the informed knowledge of the Data Subjects.

How do we process Personal Data for specific and legitimate purpose and verify that Personal Data is minimized and accurate?

What Security and confidentiality measures are implemented?

Since employees, contractors, customers, suppliers, consumers and business partners put their trust in Revevol when they provide us with their Personal Data, Revevol ensures the security and confidentiality of the Personal Data it processes.

For how long do we keep your Personal Data?

What are your rights as Data Subject?

We are receptive to queries or requests made by Data Subjects in connection with their Personal Data and, where required by law, we provide Data Subjects with the ability to access, correct, restrict and erase their Personal Data as set forth by applicable law. We also allow them to oppose the processing of their personal data, and to exercise their right to portability.

To exercise these rights, please use the contact details provided below in Section 10 of this Global Privacy Policy. Data Subject has also the right to lodge a complaint with the competent Personal Data supervisory authority.

When and how do we disclose your Personal Data to third parties?

Personal Data is only disclosed outside Revevol where there is an overarching legal justification to do this.

How are international transfers of Personal Data from EU protected?

Personal Data originating from those Revevol entities operating within the EU will not be transferred outside the EEA to a third country which does not ensure an adequate level of protection unless appropriate safeguards are implemented in accordance with applicable laws.

How do we handle complaints?

Update of this Global Privacy Policy

As our business and the regulatory environment regularly change, this Global Privacy Policy may also change. You are thus invited to consult it on a regular basis.

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