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Ensure your team can collaborate, communicate and maintain productivity around the world, whether working from home or in the office.

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AppsTrainer is the first worldwide network of certified trainers for cloud-based solutions.

We work with both partners and with customers to help businesses of all sizes accelerate employee engagement and boost adoption of major Cloud solutions including Google Workspace, Office 365, Workplace By Facebook, and AODocs, for a successful digital transformation.

Get to know AppsTrainer Certified Network

Born in 2010, AppsTrainer is a network of over 450 global trainers prepared to deliver trainings in your local language, adapted to your local culture and designed to fit your specific business needs, no matter where you are in the world. Our expert trainers are continuously evaluated to ensure they maintain our high standards. Whether working with businesses directly or working with partners to train their clients, our expansive worldwide network answers to companies’ needs, offering large-scale trainings adapted to the local culture and language.

Over 450 certified trainers

Trainings in over 35 languages

Local experts in 80+ countries

Over 80,000 people already trained

Over 15,000 training sessions already delivered worldwide

Leverage AppsTrainer in order to:

Ensure the solution is smoothly adopted by all your employees

Improve communication and knowledge sharing across your entire company

Increase collaboration and productivity by transforming the way people work in your organization

Identify and implement business use cases to optimize acculturation in your enterprise

AppsTrainer for partners

Do you have customers with worldwide training needs and you don’t have enough resources? We make your job easier by organizing and providing trainings on-site or via webinar for your clients, anywhere in the world, so you can spend more time on the tasks that matter most for you and your customers. No matter the industry and company size, whether you want to provide your own training materials or use our custom modules, we’ll make sure your customers receive quality training for all of their users, adapted to their local culture and language, so that both you and your clients get the most out of your investment.

We scale based on your needs

AppsTrainer has the flexibility to scale up and down according to the needs of each individual customer or partner. No matter what size business, in no matter how many locations, Appstrainer can adapt to and answer your needs.

Discovery Workshops

Employees from different departments get together to brainstorm which current processes can be transformed using the Cloud solution. We employ these ideas to generate custom use cases to be covered during training.

Training for Champions

Champions are influential employees within the organization. They receive in-depth training to integrate the tools into their daily work routines and promote to their colleagues. Champions are also trained on how to deal with resistance to change.

Trainings for Directors

Company leaders receive personalized coaching in order to quickly adopt the tool and help sponsor the change.

Training for End Users

By focusing on the most relevant use cases, end-users learn to use the platform in a practical manner, encouraging them to embrace the new tools.

Quality Guaranteed

We rigorously evaluate our trainers to offer you the best possible training and customer service.

Following each session, participants will receive a satisfaction survey via email and are asked to evaluate the quality of the training and user experience.

Results of the survey will be made available online upon submission.

Our rigorous, thorough evaluation process guarantees high-quality training in line with your professional goals.

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