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With more than ten years of international change management experience, Appstrainer brings you the best in G Suite user training with the largest global network of certified G Suite trainers.

Our training approach for G Suite

We train based on your needs and objectives for the following:

Business Objectives

Smarter communications
Personal productivity
Team productivity
Mobile road warrior
External collaboration

Delivery Methods

Onsite & webinars
Hands on exercises
Floor walking
Transformation labs

Working population

VIPs & Directors
End Users
Deskless users

Coaching on specific business needs

Boost corporate communications
Facilitate accounting
Improve project management

Google Week

In this week of specialized, intensive training, we’ll train your employees on the essential G Suite use cases identified throughout our 10 years of experience, using fun games and challenges designed to help boost engagement.

When combined with motivational campaigns including animated challenges and workshops, Google Week is an innovative way to help your teams optimize company-wide acculturation with all of G Suite’s tools.

Quality process ensured

We thoroughly assess our trainers using proprietary processes and tools.

We directly manage the registration process for your employees.

Following each training session, attendees are sent a quality survey.

Results are always available to the customer in real-time online.

Our rigorous assessment and 360° evaluations ensure quality trainings that meets your business objectives.

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